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5-Grain Rice (Ogokbap 오곡밥)

Take your usual bowl of white rice up a notch with this virtuous and tasty recipe from accredited dietitian and founder of Kwon Nutrition, Clement Gan.

It's hard to defend white rice from a nutritional standpoint. The well-loved staple food lacks the most nutrient-dense parts, the brain and germ, and as a result, spikes insulin and blood sugar levels. According to Harvard Medical School, it "has almost the same effect as eating pure table sugar." Brown rice on the other hand, retains key nutrients like fibre and protein that slow down digestion.

So lucky for us, this 5-grain rice recipe from registered dietitian (South Korea, KDA) and founder of Kwon Nutrition, Clement Gan ticks all the boxes. It's made with whole grains and mineral-rich beans, and with a pinch of salt, perfectly delicious eaten on its own.

"Commonly served in both North and South Korea, the ingredients differ depending on the region and season," Gan tells us."In North Korea where it is more rural and mountainous, they often use wild grains found in the green pastures."

His version uses three types of rice, chickpeas and kidney beans.

"This recipe contains substantial amounts of minerals. In contrast, white refined rice would have been stripped off all the goodness. With the presence of different grains, essential amino acids (building blocks of protein) from the respective plant-based proteins complement each other to build a better profile."

Ogokbap is usually served at school lunches in Korea to increase students' dietary fibre and overall nutritional intake. The inclusion of white and glutinous rice gives it more bite and makes it easier to chew than plain brown rice, which kids tend not to like. For the elderly, Gan suggests adding more water to turn it into a nutritious porridge called Kookbap 국밥, or literally translated, 'soup-rice'."Top it off with meat, tofu and chives and it becomes a mouth-watering delicacy."

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5-Grain Rice (Ogokbap 오곡밥)


37g white rice

37g glutinous rice or barley

37g brown rice

37g canned chickpeas, drained

37g canned kidney beans, drained

Enough water, and a little more, to sufficiently cover rice and beans in rice cooker – as you would do for white rice. (Note from Dulu: For this recipe, we find using a ratio of 1:1.2 of rice to water produces tender, chewy rice)


  1. Drain and rinse chickpeas and kidney beans to remove excess salt.

  2. Rinse rice.

  3. Place all ingredients in rice cooker, and add in water. Cook according to rice cooker’s instructions.