• Moh Shuying

Beauty Review: Sisley Sisleÿa L'Intégral La Cure

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Ingredients: This has over 19 active ingredients that help protect the source of your skin cells’ energy to keep your complexion youthful and bring it back to its optimal condition. Gingko biloba leaf extract and vitamin E Acetate protects your mitochondria (the energy factory for your cells), Mariposa Blanca rhizome extract reconnects the mitochondrial network and a Longevity Sugar Complex encourages the elimination of damaged mitochondria to ensure your skin gets “clean”, good energy.

Application: This treatment lotion replaces your entire skincare regime (you can use it after your toner or on its own), so you would think that it would have a rich texture. However, La Cure actually has a refreshing, aqueous feel that transforms into a silky, hydrating finish upon application.

Packaging: The one month treatment comes in an ultra-luxe box that contains four chic 10ml bottles that were easy to use and felt posh yet functional. They are the perfect size for your palm and will help you keep track of your progress, as each bottle is meant to last for one week.

Efficacy: Despite being so lightweight, this treatment left our complexion feeling comfortable and hydrated. After just one week, our skin felt healthier and looked more radiant. Mid-way through the month-long treatment, we started to notice that our complexion felt softer, smoother and even looked more even toned. By the end of the month, our skin looked more youthful and fresher, as if we had gone for a weeklong retreat or has just finished a detox.

The Verdict: The treatment is designed to restore your skin’s vitality and re-coordinate cells’ renewal process, and while we might not be able to see what’s going on below the surface, our complexion definitely showed a marked improvement. The price tag is pricey, however, it does replace your entire regime so you’re saving on your regular serums, essences and moisturisers. Also, the results were obvious and significant. Our skin felt plumper and fine lines were less obvious, our complexion had a glow and we constantly looked as if we had a full 8-hours of sleep. If you’re in the mood to treat yourself, this is definitely something to consider.

Our score: 5/5

Sisley Sisleÿa L'Intégral La Cure, $1,350