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Beauty Review: Sulwhasoo Fifth Generation First Care Activating Serum

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Ingredients: The star ingredient in this serum is the reformulated Jaum Activator, which is made with a cocktail of medicinal herbs such as Solomon’s Seal, Lotus, Rehmannia and White Lily. It works to boost skin regeneration and hydration, as well as strengthen its protective barrier. The new and improved ingredient is also said to provide 10% more protection against oxidation than the previous version.

Application: The watery serum feels like a refreshing burst of moisture, especially on parched complexions. It glides effortlessly over skin and melts like a dream when you massage it in.

Packaging: This fifth generation bottle resembles its predecessors in shape and ease of use. Its pump dispenser also ensures that the perfect amount of product is dispensed onto your palms with little fuss or mess.

Efficacy: While this is an anti-ageing pre-serum that is meant to be used as the first step of your skincare regime, the first thing we noticed about it was its hydrating and calming properties. Upon application, it immediately helped to soothe our dry, irritated complexion. After about a week of use, we noticed that our skin looked healthier and felt softer – and even had a slight glow – while fine lines on our forehead appeared softer.

The Verdict: We’ve been using the Korean brand’s First Care Activating Serum for years but we have to admit, this powered up version is our favourite. Not only does it retain its lightweight texture, the product actually seemed to get absorbed even faster, and results were seen even more quickly.

Our score: 4.5/5

Fifth Generation First Care Activating Serum, $118 (60ml). Available online, and at all Sulwhasoo boutiques and counters from 2 June 2020.

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