• Moh Shuying

Lightweight Sunscreens That You’ll Barely Feel

These give all the protection with none of the weight or stickiness.

Applying sunscreen is one of the three skincare steps – together with cleansing and moisturising – that we never EVER skip. Every doctor and dermatologist we’ve ever met has always expounded on the importance of it (even if you’re indoors). After all, this one product will protect your complexion from a plethora of issues and long-lasting damage like pigmentation, dryness, wrinkles, sagging and more.

However, we totally understand that Singapore’s hot, humid weather, coupled with wearing a mask every day, can make it tempting to ditch this essential step. We've put together a list of our the latest sunscreens that don’t feel greasy or heavy so your complexion feels fresh even as it’s receiving the protection it needs.

All products featured on Dulu are independently selected by our editors.

Shiseido Global Suncare The Perfect Protector SPF50+/PA++++, $65

This watery lotion has a unique SynchroShield technology that strengths its UV protection veil when it senses heat, water and perspiration. This means your sunscreen actually becomes stronger (instead of weaker) on hot days, and you won’t have to worry about reapplication when you’re working out or sweating. Another plus: it also has an environmentally-conscious formula that is water-resistant to prevent the lotion from getting washed into the ocean when you’re at the beach.

Clarins Sun Care Water Mist SPF50+, $50

This high-performance sunscreen is both great for your skin with its plant-based formula, and a delight to the senses. The mist features two key elements: a Sun Filter Complex with an optimal combination of UVA/UVB sun filters, and a Sun Plant Complex made with a blend of plant extracts to preserve skin’s youthfulness and overall health. The lightweight aqueous texture sprays on evenly and stays invisible, helping cool and hydrate your complexion at the same time. You can use it under or over your makeup, and it even leaves behind a sun-kissed glow.

Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Bubble Spray SPF 50+/PA++++ ($32.90)

This is a super fun and refreshing sunscreen that is perfect for bringing to the beach or a day out. The can sprays out large bubbles that give an instant cooling effect upon application, making it perfect for our hot, humid weather. It also has an Anessa Double Defence technology that strengths the sunscreen’s UV protection levels when it comes into contact with sweat and water, and is made of 50 per cent skincare ingredients to treat even as it protects.

HERA Sun Mate Excellence SPF50+/PA+++, $58

This hardworking sunscreen not only protects against harmful UV rays and external irritants, it also has skin brightening and anti-ageing benefits. It’s made with a Lucent Pigment that reflects light to give you naturally glowing skin, while the ingredient Bio-Melasolv helps to brighten your complexion over time. A cocktail of botanical extracts, including water hyacinth, milk thistle and Cyperus Alternifolius, helps to keeps skin healthy and youthful-looking.

Skin Inc Serum UV Moisturizer SPF50+/PA+++, ($72)

A sunscreen-moisturiser hybrid, this has a watery, milky texture that effortlessly spreads over skin. It’s perfect if you don’t like to layer on too many products because it’s formula is so hydrating you can skip your regular cream. Another thing we love about it: it's made with three of our favourite serums from the brand – Vitamin B3 to strengthen skin’s resilience and control excess sebum production, Licorice to soothe and hyaluronic acid to intensely hydrate.