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The Best Virtual Workouts

With circuit breaker measures extended until 1 June, at-home fitness has never been more important. We've shortlisted the best online options, tried and tested by Team Dulu.

All services featured in this article are independently selected and paid for by Dulu.

SmartFit Private Pilates via Zoom

What: Pilates mat sequence focussing on abdominals, lower back muscles, pelvic floor, hips and glutes – otherwise known as the “powerhouse” in Pilates-speak. New students get a complimentary 30-minute trial, which gives you an opportunity to get to know your trainer first and identify your goals.

A session starts off with breath exercises and warm-ups like pelvic curls, arm reach and pull, before moving into more challenging movements. We broke into a sweat ten minutes into our first class. Your instructor (ours was owner and master trainer Marina) will demonstrate each exercise first, then verbally cue you as you progress through familiar moves like Teaser and Rolling Like a Ball. In case you were wondering, there’s no room to slack off, as your instructor literally zooms in on your form and will notice even the slightest deviation.

You’ll need: An exercise mat. Weights, toning balls and resistance bands (we like Theraband CLX) would be a bonus.

Cost: $400 ($475 with master trainer) for a package of five sessions which you can purchase via the MindBody app. Group classes are also available: $150 for five sessions.

BalletBody Private Class via Zoom

What: A workout created by professional ballet dancers that incorporates elements of ballet and pilates, and emphasises flexibility, strength, coordination and balance. Their group classes are hugely popular but we opted for a duet session.

Your instructor (ours was co-owner and lead trainer Lisha) will ask for your preferences beforehand; which of their classes you'd like to do and what you want to focus on. The session begins with a warm up and exercises at the "barre", followed by centre work and pilates. It's a personalised, full body workout, with plenty of plies, tendus and relevés involved. Your legs will absolutely shake and burn. We hadn't done a BalletBody class in a while, but Lisha led us through the entire routine with super clear instructions and corrections. It almost felt like we were in the studio with her.

You’ll need: A sturdy chair, table top or ledge to act as a barre; ballet flats or socks, a smooth surface to stand on and small weights not exceeding 0.5 kg (optional, and if you don’t have weights, you could use cans or bottles of water)

Cost: $80 (price is the same whether you do a one-to-one or duet class). Group sessions are $15 each, or $45 a week for unlimited sessions.

F45 Live (Paya Lebar) via Zoom

What: A high-octave workout – you’d know if you tried an F45 class before – alternating between cardio and strength training, and hitting multiple muscle groups. There are three timings on weekdays; two on Saturday and one every Sunday.

It's as exhilarating and torturous as the brand's physical class. You’ll be lifting, squatting, lunging, jumping, twisting, kicking and punching; all usually with weights in hand. There’s a sense of community especially if you’ve trained at the physical gym and you will get yelled at if you stop. The instructors also make an effort to spot you, so position your camera correctly and stand close to it.

You’ll need: Trainers and weights.

Cost: $35 a week or $128 a month; e-mail for enquiries payalebar@f45training.sg

*All F45 studios are independently owned and operated, policies and timings differ for different locations.

UFIT Virtual Classes via Zoom

What: A variety of up to 40 classes including Burn (energetic, cardiovascular and strength workout), Build (no cardio, focus is entirely on technique and strength), kickboxing, yoga and pilates. Classes are offered throughout the day and there are also free weekly sessions.

Instructors here explain and demonstrate exercises particularly well; providing variations and modifications to suit different levels of fitness, which are especially helpful when there isn't anyone to physically correct you. The workouts are effective, and you will feel your muscles being challenged. While each class is fairly large easily 60 people sometimes certain ones like Virtual Pre-Natal Pilates are kept small to allow for individualised cueing and monitoring.

You’ll need: Depends on the class. Extras like exercise bands and dumbbells are optional.

Cost: From 2-8 credits ($3.50/credit). Purchase credits and book your class on the UFIT app.

Barry’s At Home

What: IG Live 30-minute HIIT workouts by the gym’s instructors every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8 a.m.

It’s not quite the Red Room, but these free live streams will definitely get your heart pumping and endorphins up with bodyweight exercises like burpees, squats and pulses, and plyometrics thrown in for good measure. Great start to your morning, but don’t worry if you miss the live session, it's kept on IG Stories for 24 hours.

We highly recommend streaming the video to your tv as watching videos on your phone isn’t an ideal or safe experience. Use Chromecast for this.

You’ll need: Trainers and an exercise mat.

Alo Moves

What: A subscription yoga service available through its website or app that gives you access to more than 2,500 videos in over a dozen yoga disciplines.

Alo Moves' biggest appeal is that you decide what works best for you: classes are ranked by skill level and intensity, and there's everything from restorative yin, ashtanga to fusion strength classes. You can choose to follow standalone classes or commit to a series, where each class gets progressively harder. Videos range from less than 15 minutes to more than 60 minutes, and can be streamed online or downloaded to use offline.

You'll need: A yoga mat. You may need light weights, straps or blocks.

Cost: 14-day free trial, then USD$20/month (about S$28.50), or $199/year.

Les Mills on Demand

What: Variety and high energy, that’s what you would come to Les Mills on Demand for. There are over 800 stylised workouts available on the web-based site; organised into 23 categories including HIIT, cardio, martial arts, spin, strength, dance, yoga to cycling.

While it can’t replace a live class, the programmes are extremely comprehensive with tutorials to break down key moves. We suggest doing one before a class, it’s tough to keep up with the pace otherwise. Workouts range from 15-55 minutes long, and are led by very, very enthusiastic trainers. It's hard not to throw yourself into the spirit and challenge yourself.

You’ll need: Depends on the class. Some require zero equipment; for others you may need weights, steps, or resistance bands, and if you opt for a cycling class, a stationary bike.

Cost: 14-day free trial, then S$24/month.

Body by Simone’s BBS App

What: A workout and nutrition-focussed app (iOS and Android) powered by AI to give you a customised plan based on your goals. You’ll get tailored guidance from celebrity trainer Simone De La Rue and nutritionist Kelly LeVeque.

Each of the programmes are developed to burn build strength and endurance, with the underlying technique and movements derived from dance – Simone is a classically-trained ballerina. They're well thought out, endorphin-releasing and genuinely fun to do. You can also pick your own workouts from the "library" and you'll learn to eat well, with hundreds of healthy recipes to try out.

We love how personalised and real BBS feels – the app reminded us to have a snack at 3 pm, only to ask if we were actually hungry and to have lemon water instead. As the app is available on mobile phones and tablets, we suggest casting your workouts to a larger screen.

You’ll need: It depends on the class. You may need an exercise mat, small weights and resistance band.

Cost: 14-day free trial, then USD$19.99/month (about S$27).