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The Most Innovative Beauty Products Launched This Year (So Far)

Because not everything about 2020 bombs.

All products featured here are independently selected by DULU.

Tatcha The Serum Stick, $87, Sephora

This skincare-makeup hybrid is the first of its kind that we’ve come across. A solid touch-up balm-serum (yes, we know it’s a mouthful), it can be used under or over makeup to refresh and repair skin throughout the day. It’s infused with a nourishing cocktail of skin calming Japanese lemon balm, hydrating squalane and antioxidant-rich Uji green tea.

Feel like your complexion is looking a little tired and lacklustre when you wake up? This will provide weightless moisture to instantly erase signs of age and dryness, smooth out your complexion and give you an instantly dewy glow. Finding that your foundation is looking a little patchy over drier areas around noon? Just glide it over to instantly even out skin. It’s fuss free and fast working.

Clarins Plant Gold L’Or des Plantes, $110

Made with ingredients entirely derived from natural plants, this is the first oil-emulsion moisturiser from the brand. Inspired by the unique savoir-faire of Clarins Institute, where beauty therapists blend oils with other Clarins products to create customised skin care, this comes in a dual-chamber pump-bottle.

The first chamber contains the brand’s iconic Blue Orchid Treatment Oil, while the second chamber has a natural melting emulsion. The unique double formula blends together effortlessly when you press the innovative pump of the bottle to create a lightweight, non-oily moisturiser with a natural aromatic fragrance that instantly nourishes skin and boosts radiance.

Burberry Matte Glow Foundation, $85

The British brand’s latest foundation has a really cool “life-proof” technology. What do we mean by that? Its formula is humidity, heat and pollution resistant to help protect your skin and give you a flawless finish no matter where you go or what you do.

Another reason we love it? The liquid foundation has an ultra-lightweight, breathable formula combined with a high concentration of pigments to soften imperfections and keep shine away, giving you natural-looking, flawless coverage. Available in 28 shades.

Dior Capture Totale C.E.L.L Energy range, $82 - $265

If you feel like your complexion always looks tired and dull, and doesn’t respond no matter how much skincare you use, chances are your stem cells are lacking the energy it needs to boost skin renewal, optimise cellular function and boost vitality (and yes, this is another wonder that ageing brings with it).

To address the issue of tired stem cells, Dior has created the Capture Totale C.E.L.L Energy collection. The star ingredient of the line is a bio-revitalising floral complex made with Madagascan Longoza, Chinese Peony, White Lily and Chinese Jasmine. The complex is said to be able to revive the energy potential and restore the regenerative abilities of your stem cells to boost your skin’s healing abilities and help correct visible signs of ageing. We feel fresher already.

Starskin Micro-Filler™ Hand Treatment, $42, Sephora

It might sound frivolous, but injecting fillers to their hands is a common practise amongst celebs and socialites to make their hands look more plump and youthful. After all, in today’s world, your neck and hands are the easiest place to tell one’s age.

While we’re definitely not on that bandwagon yet, we’re not against any treatment that can keep our hands soft and smooth, which is why we are loving this two-step anti-ageing treatment. It includes a Hyaluronic Micro-Pyramid filler that creates micro punctures to deliver active ingredients into skin, as well as a pair of mask gloves which is infused with a highly concentrated serum to smooth and plump the wrinkles on the hands. Simple, fast and you can do it in the comfort of your own home.

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