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The Only Resistance Band You Need: TheraBand CLX™

It's basically a gym in a band, and exactly what we need right now when we're in #lockdown.

Resistance bands are surprisingly effective for workouts, they amp up bodyweight exercises by engaging all your major muscle groups, without putting pressure on your joints. They're obviously portable (the Theraband CLX folds into pocket-size), and provide visual feedback - for instance, if your body's not aligned when you're doing lateral or donkey kicks, you'll see that the band goes straight out or to the side.

There are plenty of options out there, but here's why the Theraband CLX™ stands out:

Easy Grip Loops.

There are nine consecutive loops on the band, which make it extremely versatile and intuitive. Unlike regular bands, you now have grip options, like open and closed hand motions. You can place your wrists in the loops and hold toning balls when you want extra resistance, without having to tie fiddly knots. For that same reason, it's excellent for full body chain exercises. It's easy to integrate lower and upper body exercises, and to add resistance to classic movements like front squats, side and lateral kicks. We love that you can increase the difficulty of your exercise in a pinch - just reduce the number of loops between your grip. And vice versa.

One tiny gripe - The 'Free App' printed on the band, which cheapens the look of it.

The band is latex free, and comes in seven calibrated colours with each step representing a 25%-40% increase in resistance.

Dulu paid for our own Theraband CLX. From $32.20; Lifeline.

Don't know where to start? Here are some great workouts to get going.

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